Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday: TO & FRO


Sunday, as often is, was another essentially a laze-around day with lots of TV, some good (lazy) food, until finally the heat forced us out of the house for some... other activities, like going to and fro around a certain electric pole, apparently.

Well, I'm sure you can already quite tell what we did from the pictures, but we can also keep the stories to fill up this week. With Kecil in school 4 days a week, let's see if we can go back to daily posting, at least for the aforementioned 4 days, shall we?

For the shutterbugs in you, this Mama is trying (and still trying) to capture the elusive 'lens-flare'. Hence, the similar composition. Should you have any comments or suggestion, I would be oh so very happy to hear them!

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