Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now and then and now...

Mama came across these photos while flipping through the stack of photos taken during the holiday:

Mama & 'Baby', now
Which somehow brings to mind a certain similar picture, or not quite:

Uhmm.. oh well, not quite similar, then. Can hardly see Mama in the second picture.
Truth to be told, I think my mind focused on other point of similarity: the photos being so obviously taken in a car (the door handle! the door handle! a dead giveaway), and by someone else (photo above is by Tante Lia, while the first 2 were taken by Tante Rina).

The point is, the holiday brought back the realization, how nice it is to have another person around who is equally enthusiastic about wielding the camera. Once in a while, it's kind of nice to see Mama posing naturally instead with one hand at an angle (dripping with sweat while struggling to keep the heavy, big camera in place to get a good pic), or facing the mirror with camera in hand.

Here are Mama's favorites:

Mama and the Water Baby
Mama & the Zebra Whisperer
Uhmm... only 2. Haha... It would seem that the rest did not quite make the cut.
Maybe Mama needs to learn some modeling 101.

With the family gone (Eyangs and Tante left last Sunday), it's back to creative self-portraits, I'm afraid.
Unless, of course, yet another family member or friends are coming over sometime soon.
Any taker?

*All photos, except the one with the little baby, are taken by Tante Rina. The old photo, as mentioned, was taken by Tante Lia. The one with the Zebra Whisperer is obviously Mama's favorite.

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