Tuesday, May 17, 2011

inken inken...

inken inken star...
inken... (via Amazon)
Inken Chitra green...
No clue yet?
Well.. the moral of the story is that we are still working on proper pronunciation and also on proper singing of a certain song (one of many).

As for the individual stories:

These are one of the many school craft projects that Kecil did during her summer school. Mama tried to give it a place of honor in the house, but no success so far. Anyway, Kecil love it, and she's forever singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" everytime she sees the stars. Of course, her version is more like: "inken inken star! mm.. mm... are!"
As mentioned before, we are still working on it.

The second INKEN:

via Amazon
We happen to have this movie in the house, and it has become quite a favorite.
Again, we are still working on the proper pronunciation of 'Tinkerbell'. Still, just in case you were at our house, you would know what to do should Kecil start screaming 'Inken Inken'.
Why, look for the DVD and shove it to the player, of course.

Now as the consequence of the second Inken, we have the third picture:

When Eyang and Tante came for holiday the other day, they brought this particular dress in 3 different colours: green, blue and red, intended to be shared with Kecil's closest friends in the neighborhood. We had left the decision to choose the appropriate colors to the Little One, and she chose green for herself.
Soon afterwards, she came up with the explanation: "Inken Dress!".

Well... I guess... hmm... quite. 
Needless to say, the Inken dress had become one of her new favorite article of clothing, surpassing even the B dress.

And THAT, my dears, is the storie(s) of the Inken Inken.
Have a good day!

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