Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer school round up

I don't think there was any question about Kecil going for summer school.
After 1 whole term of school, 3 months holiday is simply too long, so the 1 month summer school was a good thing.
Not to mention the fact that it did offer Tante and Eyangs to watch Kecil in school, of course.

But summer school is over, so I guess it's up to Mama now to come up with all kinds of 'interesting' things to do at home, such as swimming, playing ball, do the odd arts and craft thingy... you got the gist.
In the meantime, here are some of the things that Kecil did do during summer school.
(Mama might miss some. She's only human, after all!)
We thought of putting the stuff up on the wall like what we did before.
But it turned out that summer school craft is a bit trickier to collate, so... Mama just put those that can be kept aside, took individual photo shot as the opportunity arise, then a mass photo shoot at the end of the summer term.
You see why the possibility of something got left out is high, right?
But anyway, without further a due:

Summer school crafts

Colored sandwich, star mobile, pasta necklace and a collection of salt dough animals.
You see what I meant about the stuff being trickier to just put up on the wall?

The glass jar bear, and face painting (ha!)

Summery stuff: the sun, a rain/shine mask, and a mini kite.

Another star, an airplane (whoops, actually this was from school proper that did not get documented with the rest), a Mother's day card (2nd Sunday of May) and egg bunting (from Easter)

And lastly, our souvenir from summer school: pasta decorated frame!
The picture was taken right after the kids had face painting. It so happen that Kecil was extra clingy that day (a few days after Eyang and Tante left) so Mama was in the picture as well.

Just need to add that Kecil has quite a proprietary pride in all the things that she did. 
The moment I picked her up and we went to fetch her bag, usually she would start rummaging for whatever craft that was done that day to show Mama (Aww!), and also Daddy later on.

The Kid, my dears, has indeed grown up, no so little anymore.
Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!

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