Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage weekend: just another story

Back in the days, Kecil was a champion drooler. 
Well... in fact, I'd still stay she still drool (a lot!) occasionally up to this day.
But in any case it was during a visit to her Oma's place, Oma couldn't bear the sight of her wet shirt, so Kecil got an additional article of clothing, a scarf from extra absorbent, thick lurik cloth.
It was not that Kecil did not have any bib, but if I remember correctly, those days she was already pulling those bibs off. 
At least with the 'scarf', it was a tad more difficult for her to get rid of the impromptu bib.

As for the position?
The visit happened during a period when she was learning to stand up, with support.
Which means that she would hold on to something, anything, and pull herself up.
I suppose her legs were strong enough then, but her balance was not there yet.
Here's another example:

This series had come about as this Mama ran out of fresh photos and stories to tell, especially during the more demanding weekend (somehow, Mama's schedule is always more demanding during weekends). 
Yet it has been good to have this series as I still have many unshared stories from Kecil's younger days. Added to that is also the amount of progress we had made just through less than 3 years.
Indeed, kids grow soooo fast!

But just one last pic to last us through the weekend, the whole series of the standing up/squatting down exercise:

Wishing you a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smiles from the backyard

Kecil nowadays pay a LOT of attention to the things that Mama does.
From buying groceries, paying for the said groceries, ironing clothes (uhmm.. actually, that's the helper, not Mama), cooking, tapping on the computer, and of course, taking photographs.
Suffice to say, what Mama does, Kecil also wants to do!

While it's good that she is definitely learning new stuff, there's a bit of a downside, especially concerning Mamarazzi.
Gone were the days when she would blithely ignore the mamarazzi and continue with her own stuff while Mama clicks away to her heart's content.

Give me!
Her latest acquisition? Mama's big camera.
Despite repeatedly being told "No, it's too heavy, it's too big, not until you are bigger..."
Well... you know how it goes with a certain, stubborn little girl, yes?
So she got the camera, and took pictures of... Mama, of course!

Wacky Mama
Uhm.. oh yeah, that's Mama alright, posing while fervently praying that Kecil would NOT drop the camera.
(I did, by the way, put the sling over her head, just in case. The sling is short enough that the camera will not hit the ground unless Kecil falls with the camera, God forbid!)

So... after a few decent photos of Mama (with some post edit by Mama, by the way), Kecil seems satisfied enough to hand back the camera to Mama (fiuh!).
Still... not too bad from a not-yet-3yo, yes?
And she was happy enough to pose further for her Mamarazzi.

It is said that children do learn a lot from handling cameras from a young age. So... we'll definitely work on that (developing more hand muscles, proper grip and control, orientation on the uses of the different buttons, not to mention the very important rule that the lens is out of bounds!).

Mama really should trot out the rest of our derelict set of cameras just to catch Kecil handling the big camera. But maybe we'll do that next time.
And I had said this, but I will say it again.

Kecil is so not so little anymore.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mama dreaming ...

Someday, this Mama would finally be able to master the art of capturing gently flowing, serenely beautiful bubbles using her camera while still enjoying the moment with her daughter

Failing which, this Mama would finally master some cool photo editing software,
Which would enable her to draw the curlicues, the bubbles as her vision demands,
Instead of settling for sorry confetti, the only option available nearest to her vision. Hiks.

Someday, someday....

In the meantime...

As the weather continues to flip indecisively between sunny and torrential rains,  we continue to chase little opportunities to catch the moment, utilizing the sun/the rain that comes our way.
After all, there is always an upside to everything, isn't there?

How about you? Any dreams behind your wings somewhere?

Friday, July 22, 2011

The evolution of Imoet

A lot of blogs, I notice, tweak their design, lay out, etc from time to time.
I guess it's kind of cool, especially once I started doing that as well, to reflect a certain improvement in my know-how as well as the development of the subject in question.
She does not remain a little baby all the time, no?

So.. just as this Mama does a sporadic weekly showcase of Kecil's growth through time, we can also go through a show case of the blog through time.
Just because this Mama keeps a record of them.

Imoet still under the old name, Little Cute Baby.
I do not actually have a record of the blog design earlier than this one. But then again, there wasn't anything special with that (rather plain) design, no?
I think this design went up shortly after Blogger came up with a new template designer, in which I found that gorgeous background image. A quilt top in gorgeous, warm colors, perfect for putting my 'baby' on, yes?
I have yet to find a better background than this one, so we have been with this one ever since.
I suppose one day I would love to be able to use my own image rather than somebody else's. But designing, photographing and editing... does not happen overnight, yes? so.... we move on.

 The next time I went a tweaking, I found out about 'banner'. You know that top part with the blog title that you can click to bring you to the home page of the blog?
It took a while until I got a good enough image for the banner. Then that Sunday we took out the curtains for washing and drying, and voila! Suddenly I got my banner image! (after some editing, that is)
I would also like to add that at that point, it seems a bit strange to keep calling Kecil a 'baby' when she was already running around looking like a proper 'kid' instead of 'baby'.
So... well.. I guess she's not so little anymore, no?

As for the latest one... well... the banner happen simply because Mama found a photo of banner potential in her loot of photographs that day. So... again after some editing... it just seem appropriate to reflect the season that we are currently having, a season of storms, rains, and raincoats.
Most of my photo editing are done on Picnik, love that thing!
It's also helpful that as part of Mama's birthday loot, she got herself the premium account on Picnik which has enabled quite a few extras when it comes to editing the photos.
I still have a queue of ideas waiting to happen for future. Let's hope for them really coming true.

Just one last point:

It is such a thrill to see the blog growing, in content, if not really in readership. (but hey, it's after all created mostly for family). If you compare the sidebar on this last pic with the sidebar on the first pic.... such a big difference.
I love that search box by Google, and I personally think that every blog should have one, even when the content is organized. Just because sometime the reader's mind is a bit jumbled, and a search tool is just a handy tool to have to help you with that jumble in the brain.

As you can see, I do try to take a screenshot of the blog from time to time just to reflect on the whole appearance of the blog. When I remember, I also try to do the same to some of my favorite blogs out there. The blogger might know when she/he's going to change, but as a reader... I don't want to miss out on .. things.
Just as you keep photo albums of your real baby, I also enjoy having a photo album of my 'blog baby' to see how it evolve over time.

Thank you for indulging this Mama. We'll try to go back to the usual subject in the next post.
In the meantime, do drop me a line about what you think on the whole blog design, photo album thingy.
Have a good day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

(not) ready for Skool (?)

Still remember that yellow backpack that Kecil uses as her Skool Bag?
We got the bag on our long ago holiday trip to see the Eyangs earlier this year. Although a bit unexpected, this Mama is admittedly very happy with how well the bag compliments Kecil's Skool Dress. As you might remember, Kecil started Skool in only PE uniform, with the bag not exactly clashing, but not quite matching either.
I have to admit, the Skool Dress is pretty brilliant in its incorporation of so many colors, which means all kinds of colors will go with it, from yellow backpacks, pink shoes, to pink umbrellas!

As happy as this Mama is with the Skool, with all Kecil's work and progress in Skool, there are also times when we are not as sure as we seem.
For all her size and achievements, Kecil is still not yet three, still very young.
And having been through an episode with one of Kecil's Tante having problems with school during her childhood, this Mama is indeed very wary of missing any indication of serious problems related to Skool in general.
Not that there has been indication of problems, but these past 2 days, Kecil's been waking up with no little difficulty, followed with a stubborn insistence to stay home instead of going to Skool.

We are sincerely hoping that it's not an indication of a deeper problem apart from an innate inclination to sleep until late (something that certainly have many precedence in the family. ahem)
Just something leftover from her bout of flu/cold last week? A need for better temperature control at night (aka... AC too cold?)?
We are crossing our fingers.
After all, Kecil still shows a lot of interest in her friends in Skool, as well as a lot of proprietary pride in all her work.
So... we are crossing our fingers while we again usher Kecil to Skool this morning, even with a bit more force and enticements than usual.
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a kimono...

Kecil's good friend, Ami, just came back from her summer holiday in Japan, and she brought a cute little Kimono for Kecil as a gift.
We only let Kecil tried it after she takes a shower, which is pretty late in the day, so.. unfortunately all the photos are taken under pretty bad lighting.
As you can see, however, Kecil is obviously very happy with the Kimono!

Using Mama's lack of knowledge in Japanese culture as an excuse, Mama dumped a freshly bathed Kecil in Daddy's hand (who had visited Japan before!). I think Daddy managed to do a pretty good job with the kimono, don't you think?

Kecil looked a bit confused with the sleeves.
After all, this is totally new. I mean, she got a kiddie kimono before, but no extra sleeves nor obi, you see. So.. this little girl's kimono, is definitely something novel.

Oh, yeah. Definitely a novelty. Flap flap like butterfly, you say?

Anyway, thank you very much to Ami for the lovely kimono. Have not quite figured out when to wear it, or where to, etc, but we do hope we'll get a chance or two. After all, the kimono does come with some room to grow into.

Yah... we'll see if next time Mama can learn to do some cute bow for the obi. In the meantime, do cross your fingers for a better picture op with the kimono, yes?

PS: I think the kimono is very lovely, and I seriously do not think it's radioactive, yes?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Scenes from a lazy Sunday morning...

Measuring up against building blocks... (on other people's yard, no less!)

A wee bit exploring...

Stalking other people's puppy...

and of course, getting teased by Daddy!

We don't seem to do much on Sundays nowadays, but with the whole family at home, Sundays are special enough even without any special activities.
As for going out? We are already living in a tourist destination. Call it hotel-at-home, only with dishes and laundry to wash, if you wish.

Hope your Sunday was a good one as well!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage weekend: Mama Baby outings

 There was a time when Kecil was definitely smaller and lighter,
When she needed to be carried everywhere except for the shortest distance
When she can fit easily into my lap as Mama squeezed into the public transport, and went on one of her jaunts through town.

We went a posing in front of the pretty stained-glass scene at the church, went shopping, went a-trying the local public transport another time....
Those were the days... complete with the bottle of milk

Oh the milk, the straps, the carrier, the huge diaper bag... I suppose I won't be missing them, even if I would miss cute photo opportunities like the one above.

I look back from time to time, and I look at the young lady before me now, and it is with awe and wonder that I appreciate how much she has grown
From a wee little babe, to very much a young lady, her own person.

Countless advice I have encountered on not letting childhood fly away before your eyes as you go through the daily grit that is parenting. These vintage series shall be my anchor in my effort to slow down time, as I try to appreciate the progress, the growth, the many milestones so far.
I hope you are still enjoying it as much as I do.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skool Work

We have again started the tradition of putting up Kecil's Skool work on the wall, and it's growing, despite some resistance to the said tradition.
Then there are also days when Kecil came home with no new artwork to add to the display.
And we wondered about what she did in Skool.

Fear not, because every so often, her teachers would pack an envelope-full of the things she did in school, some art, some practice, some coloring.
It's so cool to see her progress everyday!

A choo choo train, a house, some coloring, some shapes-a-making, a few other things, and of course, the maker herself!

A happy Thursday to all of you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not your pup

Still remember Kecil's new friend? We are still not progressing beyond observing signs of habitation in the house, so... unfortunately the friendship had not progressed beyond fascination from across the fence either.
It's a pity, since Kecil is absolutely fascinated by the playful puppy, and the puppy so obviously wanted to play with this little babe of mine.

I am still very glad, though, because Kecil does have a measure of confidence with dogs in general, no doubt thanks to early socialization with Penny, our puny Golden Retriever, also sometimes referred to as Mama's and Daddy's 'other' offspring.

You can see her started very young with our neighbor's dog, Macho:

Not long ago, she also went along with Penny's suitor:

That is NOT to say that she would just approach any dog with impunity.
She's still wary against unknown dogs, which I think is good. It certainly will do for her to go off running towards any Asu, Doggie and Bruno without first getting Mama's approval.
Still... I do hope Kecil will grow up fully appreciative of the value of Man's best friend friendship.

Here's to all dog-lovers out there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

after Skool....

... is time to claim her crown, her throne and... her banana snack.

Isn't it nice to chill, a banana-on-a-stick on hand, watching the TV after a hard day in Skool?

You might wonder about the choice of seat.
It does make some nice pictures with the wall as a nice, diffuse background.
But knowing Mama's opportunist style in taking pictures, there has to be more story behind the 'throne'


Any clues yet? No?

And THAT, my dears, is the story, all four-legged furriness, waiting for a bite of banana.

With love from Mama, Kecil and the Dog,
Dedicated to make you smile. Cheers!
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