Thursday, July 21, 2011

(not) ready for Skool (?)

Still remember that yellow backpack that Kecil uses as her Skool Bag?
We got the bag on our long ago holiday trip to see the Eyangs earlier this year. Although a bit unexpected, this Mama is admittedly very happy with how well the bag compliments Kecil's Skool Dress. As you might remember, Kecil started Skool in only PE uniform, with the bag not exactly clashing, but not quite matching either.
I have to admit, the Skool Dress is pretty brilliant in its incorporation of so many colors, which means all kinds of colors will go with it, from yellow backpacks, pink shoes, to pink umbrellas!

As happy as this Mama is with the Skool, with all Kecil's work and progress in Skool, there are also times when we are not as sure as we seem.
For all her size and achievements, Kecil is still not yet three, still very young.
And having been through an episode with one of Kecil's Tante having problems with school during her childhood, this Mama is indeed very wary of missing any indication of serious problems related to Skool in general.
Not that there has been indication of problems, but these past 2 days, Kecil's been waking up with no little difficulty, followed with a stubborn insistence to stay home instead of going to Skool.

We are sincerely hoping that it's not an indication of a deeper problem apart from an innate inclination to sleep until late (something that certainly have many precedence in the family. ahem)
Just something leftover from her bout of flu/cold last week? A need for better temperature control at night (aka... AC too cold?)?
We are crossing our fingers.
After all, Kecil still shows a lot of interest in her friends in Skool, as well as a lot of proprietary pride in all her work.
So... we are crossing our fingers while we again usher Kecil to Skool this morning, even with a bit more force and enticements than usual.
Wish us luck!

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