Sunday, July 3, 2011


Back in the days when we just moved in here, we used to have one hell of a weather, in the form of continuous, non-stop rain and thunderstorms.
Indeed, it was said that the rainfall that year was something of a decade-high.
The point is that the house was cold then. And empty, with most of our stuff not yet around.
So to protect a certain crawling baby, Mama bought an alphabet jigsaw mat, supposedly for the said baby to play ON.
I guess the intention is good enough, even if the implementation was less than brilliant.

You see, instead of sitting ON the said 'carpet', she'd rather sit on the FLOOR and PLAY WITH the carpet!
It made generally a lot of mess everywhere with all the letters scattered everywhere around the house.
Until Tita got fed up and stuff everything into plastic bags and hid them in the cabinet.

The 'carpet' still get some attention from time to time, but especially recently, thanks partly to Daddy and her better motoric skills, we have different uses of the 'carpet'

Instead of boring, 2-D carpet, she (or Daddy or which ever adult currently in residence) made cool, 3-D blocks, or, as she name them... cupcake!

First you made the cubes, then you make any necessary modification, then you stack them to make whatever structure you want to build. Easy and fun, no?
Well... quite, until you become the adult being summoned from all ends of the house to 'help' along.

Still, it's always interesting to see what she come up with.

 Simple stackable structure, a hiding post?


Oh, and the best of all:

Camera? Projector? Where did she ever see an old-fashioned camera anyway?
Still... absolutely brilliant!
Here's to more free form, child-like creativity!

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