Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage weekend: Mama Baby outings

 There was a time when Kecil was definitely smaller and lighter,
When she needed to be carried everywhere except for the shortest distance
When she can fit easily into my lap as Mama squeezed into the public transport, and went on one of her jaunts through town.

We went a posing in front of the pretty stained-glass scene at the church, went shopping, went a-trying the local public transport another time....
Those were the days... complete with the bottle of milk

Oh the milk, the straps, the carrier, the huge diaper bag... I suppose I won't be missing them, even if I would miss cute photo opportunities like the one above.

I look back from time to time, and I look at the young lady before me now, and it is with awe and wonder that I appreciate how much she has grown
From a wee little babe, to very much a young lady, her own person.

Countless advice I have encountered on not letting childhood fly away before your eyes as you go through the daily grit that is parenting. These vintage series shall be my anchor in my effort to slow down time, as I try to appreciate the progress, the growth, the many milestones so far.
I hope you are still enjoying it as much as I do.

Have a good weekend!

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