Friday, July 22, 2011

The evolution of Imoet

A lot of blogs, I notice, tweak their design, lay out, etc from time to time.
I guess it's kind of cool, especially once I started doing that as well, to reflect a certain improvement in my know-how as well as the development of the subject in question.
She does not remain a little baby all the time, no?

So.. just as this Mama does a sporadic weekly showcase of Kecil's growth through time, we can also go through a show case of the blog through time.
Just because this Mama keeps a record of them.

Imoet still under the old name, Little Cute Baby.
I do not actually have a record of the blog design earlier than this one. But then again, there wasn't anything special with that (rather plain) design, no?
I think this design went up shortly after Blogger came up with a new template designer, in which I found that gorgeous background image. A quilt top in gorgeous, warm colors, perfect for putting my 'baby' on, yes?
I have yet to find a better background than this one, so we have been with this one ever since.
I suppose one day I would love to be able to use my own image rather than somebody else's. But designing, photographing and editing... does not happen overnight, yes? so.... we move on.

 The next time I went a tweaking, I found out about 'banner'. You know that top part with the blog title that you can click to bring you to the home page of the blog?
It took a while until I got a good enough image for the banner. Then that Sunday we took out the curtains for washing and drying, and voila! Suddenly I got my banner image! (after some editing, that is)
I would also like to add that at that point, it seems a bit strange to keep calling Kecil a 'baby' when she was already running around looking like a proper 'kid' instead of 'baby'.
So... well.. I guess she's not so little anymore, no?

As for the latest one... well... the banner happen simply because Mama found a photo of banner potential in her loot of photographs that day. So... again after some editing... it just seem appropriate to reflect the season that we are currently having, a season of storms, rains, and raincoats.
Most of my photo editing are done on Picnik, love that thing!
It's also helpful that as part of Mama's birthday loot, she got herself the premium account on Picnik which has enabled quite a few extras when it comes to editing the photos.
I still have a queue of ideas waiting to happen for future. Let's hope for them really coming true.

Just one last point:

It is such a thrill to see the blog growing, in content, if not really in readership. (but hey, it's after all created mostly for family). If you compare the sidebar on this last pic with the sidebar on the first pic.... such a big difference.
I love that search box by Google, and I personally think that every blog should have one, even when the content is organized. Just because sometime the reader's mind is a bit jumbled, and a search tool is just a handy tool to have to help you with that jumble in the brain.

As you can see, I do try to take a screenshot of the blog from time to time just to reflect on the whole appearance of the blog. When I remember, I also try to do the same to some of my favorite blogs out there. The blogger might know when she/he's going to change, but as a reader... I don't want to miss out on .. things.
Just as you keep photo albums of your real baby, I also enjoy having a photo album of my 'blog baby' to see how it evolve over time.

Thank you for indulging this Mama. We'll try to go back to the usual subject in the next post.
In the meantime, do drop me a line about what you think on the whole blog design, photo album thingy.
Have a good day!


  1. Blog ku kalah rapinyaaa.. *pengen rapi2 tapi belom jadi2.. XD

  2. And one important details that matters.. Platform blog kan di Posterous yak.. Bukan blogspot atau wordpress.. Ada kelebihan dan juga limitationsnya deh.. -_-

  3. rapi kah? hehe... makasi makasi makasi. Me thought you are always the 'rapi' one in the fam. Me the 'messy' one, hehe.


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