Thursday, July 7, 2011


When it comes to the number of clothing owned in this house, this Mama thinks that Kecil would definitely win hands down.
That is despite not having so many numbers of years to accumulate the said clothing articles.
Still, I guess having so many relatives and friends so eager to dress up this Little One helps.
I don't think I have bought any article of clothing for ... months!
Except a few pairs of Minnie Mouse underwear some 2 months back.

The last visit by Tante Rina had come with its usual accompanying loot of clothing articles, which includes:

This beautiful orange Princess dress

A pair of Tinkerbell pyjamas
(which became an instant hit, needless to say)

A Girly white T-shirt (complete with a little girl and her cat illustration)

And of course, not to forget the fun pink pants at the beginning of the post!

We are definitely very grateful for all the gifts. I guess Kecil is also happy to know that she is a source of inspiration for many a shopping trips for many of her Tantes and grandparents.
And despite feeling overwhelmed at times, I guess the clothes couldn't have come at a better time as Kecil quickly outgrows her clothing.
Indeed, most of her new stuff are supposedly for 4-year olds and they FIT.
Not loose, no excess room. They FIT. Nicely, some can even be said to fit snugly. 
Ugh ogh.

Moral of the story?
This Mama does feed the kid. Haha!
Well... anyway, just to say it again, thank you for all the gifts.
We'll definitely try to document the rest which are not yet here for various reasons.
In the meantime, if you still feel like hunting more cute clothing, do go ahead.
Just remember to look for maybe a 5-year old size instead.

Happy Hunting!

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