Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not your pup

Still remember Kecil's new friend? We are still not progressing beyond observing signs of habitation in the house, so... unfortunately the friendship had not progressed beyond fascination from across the fence either.
It's a pity, since Kecil is absolutely fascinated by the playful puppy, and the puppy so obviously wanted to play with this little babe of mine.

I am still very glad, though, because Kecil does have a measure of confidence with dogs in general, no doubt thanks to early socialization with Penny, our puny Golden Retriever, also sometimes referred to as Mama's and Daddy's 'other' offspring.

You can see her started very young with our neighbor's dog, Macho:

Not long ago, she also went along with Penny's suitor:

That is NOT to say that she would just approach any dog with impunity.
She's still wary against unknown dogs, which I think is good. It certainly will do for her to go off running towards any Asu, Doggie and Bruno without first getting Mama's approval.
Still... I do hope Kecil will grow up fully appreciative of the value of Man's best friend friendship.

Here's to all dog-lovers out there!

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