Friday, July 1, 2011

In Skool

For various reasons, we like to do our school run early, just so Kecil have more time to settle down in school before proper class starts. It does mean that she has to wait for the rest of the students to arrive and class announced, but I think it's pretty well worth it.

Well, Kecil is not the only one who ended up waiting for classes to start. Most of the time, Mama is also held hostage (by Kecil) to stay around in the playroom and play with her until it's time for Kecil to go into her class.

Still, given more chance to watch Kecil antics (and, hopefully, the way she interacts with the rest of the Skool population), why not?

On a slightly a different note, I guess Kecil is getting very much used to her uniform. Mama's alterations seem to hold up pretty well so far. Oh, and Kecil's uniform was not the only which was altered by the Mamas.

I do hope you all enjoy seeing Kecil in her uniform in 'native' environment aka the Skool.
Until next time!

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