Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday ...

... was not quite really summer anymore.
But at the same time, there was no rain, the sun was shining, albeit sometimes hidden behind some clouds.
So when Kecil broke into the storage and found her deflated pool... Mama really did not have a good reason not to let her swim outside
Not to forget Mama's latest injury that definitely make swimming at the proper pool out of question (no water for the would for a couple more days)

So we went for Daddy and his trusty compressor (mainly used for painting using air-brush)
Managed to get the pool inflated in practically no time as compared to using the borrowed hand-pump the last time we used the pool
Rolled out some mat, filled up the pool, and we were good to go,
Mama watching and swatting the insects, Kecil frolicking in water

T'was a good Sunday.
We do hope that you had a good Sunday too!

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