Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a kimono...

Kecil's good friend, Ami, just came back from her summer holiday in Japan, and she brought a cute little Kimono for Kecil as a gift.
We only let Kecil tried it after she takes a shower, which is pretty late in the day, so.. unfortunately all the photos are taken under pretty bad lighting.
As you can see, however, Kecil is obviously very happy with the Kimono!

Using Mama's lack of knowledge in Japanese culture as an excuse, Mama dumped a freshly bathed Kecil in Daddy's hand (who had visited Japan before!). I think Daddy managed to do a pretty good job with the kimono, don't you think?

Kecil looked a bit confused with the sleeves.
After all, this is totally new. I mean, she got a kiddie kimono before, but no extra sleeves nor obi, you see. So.. this little girl's kimono, is definitely something novel.

Oh, yeah. Definitely a novelty. Flap flap like butterfly, you say?

Anyway, thank you very much to Ami for the lovely kimono. Have not quite figured out when to wear it, or where to, etc, but we do hope we'll get a chance or two. After all, the kimono does come with some room to grow into.

Yah... we'll see if next time Mama can learn to do some cute bow for the obi. In the meantime, do cross your fingers for a better picture op with the kimono, yes?

PS: I think the kimono is very lovely, and I seriously do not think it's radioactive, yes?

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