Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smiles from the backyard

Kecil nowadays pay a LOT of attention to the things that Mama does.
From buying groceries, paying for the said groceries, ironing clothes (uhmm.. actually, that's the helper, not Mama), cooking, tapping on the computer, and of course, taking photographs.
Suffice to say, what Mama does, Kecil also wants to do!

While it's good that she is definitely learning new stuff, there's a bit of a downside, especially concerning Mamarazzi.
Gone were the days when she would blithely ignore the mamarazzi and continue with her own stuff while Mama clicks away to her heart's content.

Give me!
Her latest acquisition? Mama's big camera.
Despite repeatedly being told "No, it's too heavy, it's too big, not until you are bigger..."
Well... you know how it goes with a certain, stubborn little girl, yes?
So she got the camera, and took pictures of... Mama, of course!

Wacky Mama
Uhm.. oh yeah, that's Mama alright, posing while fervently praying that Kecil would NOT drop the camera.
(I did, by the way, put the sling over her head, just in case. The sling is short enough that the camera will not hit the ground unless Kecil falls with the camera, God forbid!)

So... after a few decent photos of Mama (with some post edit by Mama, by the way), Kecil seems satisfied enough to hand back the camera to Mama (fiuh!).
Still... not too bad from a not-yet-3yo, yes?
And she was happy enough to pose further for her Mamarazzi.

It is said that children do learn a lot from handling cameras from a young age. So... we'll definitely work on that (developing more hand muscles, proper grip and control, orientation on the uses of the different buttons, not to mention the very important rule that the lens is out of bounds!).

Mama really should trot out the rest of our derelict set of cameras just to catch Kecil handling the big camera. But maybe we'll do that next time.
And I had said this, but I will say it again.

Kecil is so not so little anymore.

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