Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage weekend: just another story

Back in the days, Kecil was a champion drooler. 
Well... in fact, I'd still stay she still drool (a lot!) occasionally up to this day.
But in any case it was during a visit to her Oma's place, Oma couldn't bear the sight of her wet shirt, so Kecil got an additional article of clothing, a scarf from extra absorbent, thick lurik cloth.
It was not that Kecil did not have any bib, but if I remember correctly, those days she was already pulling those bibs off. 
At least with the 'scarf', it was a tad more difficult for her to get rid of the impromptu bib.

As for the position?
The visit happened during a period when she was learning to stand up, with support.
Which means that she would hold on to something, anything, and pull herself up.
I suppose her legs were strong enough then, but her balance was not there yet.
Here's another example:

This series had come about as this Mama ran out of fresh photos and stories to tell, especially during the more demanding weekend (somehow, Mama's schedule is always more demanding during weekends). 
Yet it has been good to have this series as I still have many unshared stories from Kecil's younger days. Added to that is also the amount of progress we had made just through less than 3 years.
Indeed, kids grow soooo fast!

But just one last pic to last us through the weekend, the whole series of the standing up/squatting down exercise:

Wishing you a good weekend!

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