Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Days at home...

After all the sunny photos we took last week, finally the weather turned for the worse, with plenty of rains, dark cloud, even the occasional storms.
It got so bad that Kecil actually missed two days of school due to the storms (school is usually canceled the moment we have the storm signal raised).
And so we generally stayed at home, foregoing even the usual daily walkies unless there is a substantial break in the rain, trying different combination of toys, wearing our PJs...

Presented with weather like this, it is a good thing that Kecil does not really lack the imagination to come up with different uses for her toys. 

And yes, the fly swatter is definitely regarded as her toy, unless there is some insect that needs swatting around the house.
(Mama does clean the swatter after each usage, not to worry)

It is quite amazing how the day can progress so quickly from a pretty bright, sunny day, to these:

We seriously think that whatever drainage system they have over here is definitely not up to handling the kind of storms that rage during the height of the rainy season.
There were definitely moments during the storm when Mama watched with bated breath, crossing her fingers and hoping that the water would subside before getting into the house.
I guess Mama's prayers were heard, for we had no water coming in, the water subsided shortly after, and the rain only got so intense at short intervals.

The season moves on, I guess we'll still have more rains.
We'll pray for some sun, but in the meantime, there is always the boat, the raincoat and the rainboots.


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