Sunday, August 14, 2011

Celebrating the sun!

After the storms, the rains, the gloomy gray skies, last week we actually had a run of three straight glorious, sunny days
During which the laundry gets done, the mildewed luggage gets cleaned, and a wiggly little Kid gets .... dumped in the pool? Hahaha....
Anyway... we did go for a swim, a promise Mama made should the weather hold. And it did!

Kecil and her float in the garden
Before we got to the swimming pool, however, such beautiful weather surely calls for at least a few photo op, no?

Kecil staring at her shadow

Kecil and her float on the road

So it took a while before we finally got to the swimming pool.
But, hey, it's a body of cool water on a hot, sunny day, 
Definitely something to be happy for, no matter how long it took to get there!

Kecil close up at the pool

Kecil got the car into the pool

Despite our time away from the pool, Kecil had not forgotten anything.
In fact, I'd dare say she's gotten somewhat better at 'driving' her red car in the pool, all by herself.

Kecil driving her float in the pool

Kecil in water

And when the time came to go home, she even carried her own 'car' home!
Through the hot dusty road, through the thick, prickly palm trees...

carrying the float home

going through the palm trees

We had a fantastic time celebrating the come back of the sun. 
We hope you have a good time too, this weekend, as we most probably head back outside again to catch more sun.
Until next time!

fixing her shoes on the road


  1. Wah udah pintar bawa2 ban sendiri. Syukurlah ...

  2. Oiya dong, harus mandiri! Hahaha...


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