Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Postcard from a walkie...

Daily walkies, which is very much for the Dog's sake as well as Mama's, are sometimes hard to do.
There are times when it simply evolved to become quite an undertaking, with dramas from both the Kid and the Dog:
The Kid wanting to bring all kinds of paraphernalia along, the Dog refusing to budge the moment thunder was heard at a distance
The days of rain had brought a break to the routine, and after some relief, this Mama is back missing the walkies, and reduced to flipping through pics of such walkies.

This Mama is expecting some resistance in re-establishing the old pattern of daily walkies once we have enough break in the rain
As it is, Kecil already refused going for walkies in her raincoat.
The Dog? As mentioned before, have thunder, will stay at home, thank you.

Ah well... I guess the sun will come soon enough.
How does the weather go on your side of the ocean?

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