Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Rice

Between getting splashed by Kecil's gargle water, Kecil's peewee, the Dog's bathwater, not to mentioned getting jumped by both of them, dealing with a cracked frame thanks to Kecil's latest adventure... it is always good when Mama manage to come up with something that entertain Kecil for a while. No matter how short a while.

Kecil is showing a lot of interest in eating rice lately. Coupled with a certain preference for eggs, and even okra! She has funny taste, that one.
In any case, so I let her wash the rice the other day, and boy, did she have fun!
Not that her definition of washing rice is necessary similar to common definition of 'washing rice', of course, but at least she does not go on and put soap to wash the rice. Haha!

Seriously, we do try to get her a more sophisticated palate, but I guess sensitive little girl's taste buds and Indian curry simply do not mix. Still, I guess if Mama is going to continue to be a short-order cook for Kecil, it is indeed good news that she sticks with the simple stuff, like eggs, and okra. Or Japanese noodle.
Man, sometimes her taste runs into the expensive stuff!

How about yourself? How are you feeding yourself?

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