Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These days...

Amidst all the thunderstorms, the gloomy gray skies, the unbelievable humidity (that has given rise to the growth of some nasty stuff around the house, eeeekkkkS!), and the general lack of sunshine, it had been a struggle to find inspirations for writing, for photographing, for anything.
I hope this kind of explain the lack of post from last week.
It just seemed as if we were simply plodding everyday, in a house that's never clean (thanks to certain little things, both of the microbe and two-legged variety), without even the necessary breaks (daily walkies are usually a fresh change of scenery for Mama).
But the sun seems to be making an appearance this week, so... we are crossing our fingers for a better week ahead.

In the meantime, Mama did manage to snap these pics to offer you a glimpse to our moody, gloomy days:

The ever-messy house, thanks to a certain on-going construction of cupcake cum castle cum rainbow cum house (whichever suits her at that moment of time).
Mama and Tita had been given ultimatums not to touch the said structure.
Of course, sometimes, when Mama or Tita couldn't stand the mess anymore, we did demolish the structure in order to have a proper clean up. That structure is an amazing dust/debris magnet, seriously!
Then we would have to deal with the resulting tantrum. Ahem.
And of course, a new structure was quickly erected to replace the old one.
And so the story went of our ever-messy house.

I'd say, even the Dog is not immune to the general gloominess.
With the Elizabethan collar attached to prevent her from licking her operation wound... she's been a bit grumpy as well. Not to mention the lack of walkies, the ever present threat of thunder (she's absolutely terrified of thunder!), the prospect of being left alone in the house many hours at least 3 days a week....

But, oh well... as said before, the sun has made a come back.
So.. here's to the return of some of our old routine, and hopefully, for truly better weather soon!

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