Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A break in the clouds

Some days, we would wake up to a gray, cloudy, rainy day,
A depressing kind of day, the kind that keeps us indoors, away from the flowers and sunshine,
But those days often comes with breaks,
An opportunity to be quickly taken, for a quick walk, a quick refreshing stroll, a chance to grab a few flowers, and some exercises for the body.

After so many days away, we actually managed to make it to the play ground the other day, play at the swing, climb the wall, and of course, Mama practicing some framing exercises.

It was fun, it was stimulating, it was just what we need to face more bad weather days.

Some days, life might seem like a repetitive, boring motion.
Which is why you should keep your eye fixed on the horizon, for that precious break in the cloud, no matter how small,
Jump at your chance, grasp the opportunity, go out, have fun, take chances,
At worst, you'll get wet.
(Of course, some proper planning, like bringing along umbrella, would keep you from getting wet!)

So... have your jumped on that break in the clouds lately?

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