Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The adventures of EAT!

It would seem like eons ago that this Mama was hunting jarred baby food in the supermarket, trying out the different flavors, testing it on the newly-feeding-on-solid baby, and dealing with the stinky (and not so stinky) results.

As she grew her teeth, Kecil's taste is increasingly getting along with her parents', although still leaving out the wide of variety of food that is way too spicy for her tender taste buds.
As consequences, we could still go to Korean restaurants (where they generally use plenty of spices), but Kecil would only eat the macaroni pasta sidedish.
On other days, Mama had to play the short-order cook, preparing special dish for Kecil just so she has something to eat apart from the current Mama's Indonesian food obsession.

This Mama definitely put some effort to raise a healthy eater, however, it would seem that kids in general would gravitate naturally towards the not-so-healthy stuff.
Like a certain pink-coated donut...
Look, she would even eat on her own without Mama's help, perched high on the sofa just to avoid her donut being poached by the dog!

As for sweets and chocolates? This Mama tries to limit the amount of sweets and chocolate in the house (pretty close to zero, actually, and usually hidden), dishing out the treats only in minute portion in the fervent hope that Kecil would not get addicted to such ... indulgences.
Still... a packet of chocolate did manage to stop past Mama's defenses, and for two whole days, Mama just watched, amused, as Kecil produced blue colored 'eggs'. Ahem.
(I am so not going to take and post pics of blue 'eggs' so you'll just have to take my word for them)

The incident definitely call for some ground rules to be established on the subject of snacks.
This Mama would NOT want to deal with toothachy kiddo, thank you very much.
Plus, I still definitely enjoy the ability of cruising through the candy aisles at the supermarket without having a naggy toddler begging (or more likely, commanding) for certain this and that.

It is not all gloom and doom on the food front, as Kecil had definitely taken interest in feeding herself, a feat she is definitely getting better at.
Although, she still has this very bad preference to do her eating with eyes glued to the TV.

We still have a long way to go, this Mama and Kecil, but we do try, day by day, meal by meal.
There are days which are better, days which are worse, like when Kecil refused to have anything to eat and just demand for milk and milk and milk.
But then again, we still try to do our best, and that is the most important thing.

Despite a family history of picky eaters, underweight kiddos (and even teen!), this Mama remain optimistic that every child is a blank new page, and nurture definitely plays as much part as nature (if not more!).
So we'll try again with the same mantra: more veggies, more fruits, more varieties.
Make eating fun, and hopefully Kecil will do the rest.

How's your own gastronomical adventure going?

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