Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday ...

Kecil amidst her toys
There are Sundays that we spend going out, dining, shopping, exploring, ....
There are Sundays spent as a family, collectively chilling at home, doing nothing much, just resting, lazing around,
There are yet some other Sundays when Daddy has to work and Mama is left alone at home with Kecil and the Dog.
Last Sunday was one such Sunday.

Kecil with a gift for Mama

Mama's gift needs more tinkering
Thankfully Kecil does not seem to mind. Well.. she asked for Daddy a few times, but then she moved on to her usual stuff: the ever on-going construction of her castle/house/cupcake whatever thing.

Kecil busy tinkering

Kecil stares at the camera

Such seriousness, such beautiful eyes!

Kecil's workstation

Kecil's cupcakes
And then it was time to build the cake stacks

cutting the cupcake

pretending to eat the cupcake
Cut the cake, and eat it too!
At the end of the day, on a Sunday, this is what we would be left with:

mess on the floor

Just the usual, late Sunday update from Mama, because photos need to be downloaded, uploaded, sorted, edited, and the likes.
How's your week so far?

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