Friday, August 12, 2011

Baaa screenshots

It so happened one night that we found a house lizard perched on the ceiling, right above Kecil's bed.
Apparently terrified with the idea of sleeping underneath a lizard, Kecil welcomed the suggestion to sleep with Mama and Daddy, just for the night.
And so Mama managed to get some shots of Kecil and her favorite bedtime ritual, the Baaa.

Kecil with her bottle watching Baa
 Ah, yes. Not to mention that bottle of milk, as well.

In Mama's defense, Mama is just human with her flaws, so despite knowing all the evils associated with prolonged bottle feeding (tooth decay being one of them, hence the dentist visit yesterday, right?), we have yet to get anywhere with weaning Kecil.
And so... the bottle continues to be part of of our night time rituals.

Kecil watching Baa

It seemed to work for a while. And then... I guess it's kind of hard to watch her Baa sitting up while drinking her milk at the same time.
And she noticed Mama clicking away with her camera.... and a gleam came to her eyes.

You see, with all our insistence that Kecil learned to share her stuff with others, Mama had also been forced to lead by example.
So ... well.. since it was on the bed where the camera should be relatively safe, Mama did let her 'borrow' Mama's camera again, with the following results:

I guess later on, when she's learned how to use the computer properly, she would learn how to take proper screenshots directly from the computer, rather than by using a camera. Haha....

Anyway, so the night passed relatively smoothly, except for the part where Kecil got kicked out of the bed for snoring too loudly in Daddy's ear. Ahem.
After being sufficiently convinced that the lizard is nowhere to be seen in her room, Kecil had gone back to sleeping in her own room the following night.
She might just get more invitations to sleep with Mama and Daddy, but she might have to first work off that snore of hers, not to mention those night time football games she plays in her sleep.
In the mean time... here's to night time routines and a good night's sleep.


  1. Ambience fotonya hangat dan kuning hihi... suka :D
    Chitraaaa... ini ponakan lucu banget sih ^^

  2. Hahah... itu kan karena lampunya kuning ;p


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