Monday, April 2, 2012


Not the kind of moving that involves moving house, no.

But we are changing the address of the blog to kecilstories in the hope of making the name easier to remember, find, etc.

This post shall be the last post on imoet-moengil, but the archives will be left as is at the same address.
To follow the rest of Kecil's adventures, stories and such, do proceed to our new site, kecilstories.

We'll see you there!

Multiplier effect

Are you familiar with the multiplier effect? Not sure if that is the proper term, but in simple term it is what happened when you have 1 plus 1 equals to more than 2.
In the case of Kecil, Kecil plus Ami equals to LOTS of laughs and funny poses.
Just take a look at them.
We started with a simple walk, and some curious digging into the water drain...

Then perhaps somebody got itchy ...

The other party noticed, and doesn't want to be left out in the posing exercise ...

Then they posed, together now ...

and again...

and again.... Ahem.

Not forgetting to check the results ...

And trying new positions, until we have our final pose:

This Mama used to have some reservations about taking two(!) girls for the Dog's walkies.
But over time, we've gotten used to each other company.
It helps that both are good girls who generally behaves  (not to mention always ready to pose!),
the result of which, Mama would usually come home with some cute pics to share.

We look forward to our daily walks.
Here's for a good week ahead!
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