Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

It's Teacher's Day in Singapore today, and Mama's Facebook wall is full with Teacher-Love.
With Kecil in Skool now, we just thought of joining the fun as well.

Kecil's Teachers' efforts have definitely filled up the house with all kind of 'decoration', not to mention their biggest handiwork, a happy Kid who is definitely learning and benefiting from their guidance.

*psssttt... actually those are photos of the old Skool works, if you notice. But somehow Mama found them to be more cheerful (and therefore, more appropriate) than the current one. As for current Skool works:

We'll continue to put effort in tracking Kecil's progress in Skool, although most definitely Kecil's success is school in general is as much Kecil's, her teachers' and her Mama's effort combined rather than just any individual part.
So... good luck to all of us, and once again, to all the teachers out there,

Thank you for providing us with inspiration
Happy Teacher's Day!

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