Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday in Skool 3: Scenes

The choice to celebrate Kecil's birthday in Skool was made due to several reason:
- majority of Kecil's friend are from Skool
- the number of these friends had shot up from just 2 last year, to ... uhmm... many?
- the convenience of celebrating in Skool, especially for the parents
- the fact that I can get some help from the Teachers instead of managing a mob of hyper kids all by myself. Ahem.

This Mama thinks that it all worked out for the best. Kecil had great fun. Hopefully the rest of the kids had fun as well.

Hmm.. yeah, I think they had fun. Although some mishap did happen, which resulted a bit of tears.

Which brought about a beautiful collaboration by almost ALL the students to cheer up the poor baby.
She cheered up in no time at all.

This Mama is very happy that everything worked out so well. And the best part of the whole thing came at the end of the celebration:

A framed (in pink!) Birthday greeting, complete with a photo taken barely a few minutes before presentation, from the Skool on behalf of all the teachers and the students!
What a lovely gesture with impeccable timing!

We would like to use this chance to thank EVERYONE involved in Kecil's birthday, especially the wonderful Teachers and Kecil friends, who have made the day extra special for Kecil.
We do hope you managed to enjoy yourselves and had a good time.

Until next time!

(and in a teary Mama moment: Ooo.. my Baby is so not little anymore)


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