Thursday, September 15, 2011

During walkies...

Our main reason for taking daily walks, as you all know, comes on four feet.
As a medium, largish breed, the Dog needs quite a bit of exercise daily, which we provides by taking daily walks around the housing complex.
It has been a good arrangement for everyone involved, with many advantages to each parties.
The Dog got her exercise, Mama and Kecil got their break from the monotony of being cooped up in the house and some exercise.
We also get to meet other dog owners, kids of Kecil's age, new friends, even people who are not so friendly to dogs, etc.
And sometimes, Mama even get some content for her blog from such walkies.
But mainly, I guess Mama is also hoping that Kecil would have a good exposure of the outdoors so that she will grow up loving being out and about.

It would seem that Mama has made some degree of success, with Kecil now often becoming the initiator of our walkies, demanding to be taken out whenever she deem the time/weather appropriate for walkies.
So Mama would grab the leash, some bags for doggie poo, and, sometimes, her camera.
You never know when you would need it!

Indeed! That day, we were happily walking, and Mama was resigned to just a couple of pathetic pics of birds when something shot out one of the houses, making straight for the Dog.
Here's what we found upon closer inspection:

A small boy! Running fearlessly on the road sans supervision, following the Dog, following us further and further from the house where he seemed to have originated.

Kecil was at first somewhat non-plussed with the sudden appearance, but she soon got off her bike to join all the running and going.
Those three soon almost gave Mama a heart attack as they ran off towards the other road with heavier traffic. Mama actually had to abandon Kecil's bike on the road side as she ran to catch her errant 'off spring' before they got into mischief.
Anyway, Mama did caught them on time and we went back (and kept) to the quieter side road where the three had fun running and tumbling around.

Not quite sure with the proper discharging of the Boy from following us around, we ended up staying in the vicinity for a bit while Mama made good use of her camera.
During the process, Mama had to admit to swelling pride:
- for the Boy for getting over his original slight wariness to touch the Dog
- for my Little Girl for readily accept a new friend and play around
- for the Dog for behaving so beautifully even when Kecil taught the Boy how to annoy the Dog by blowing into her ears! I guess the Dog does know that she was not to snap of little people.

Out of the encounter, the Dog actually managed to get the Boy to give her some water, in a paper cup.
We left shortly after as it was getting dark and we finally found the Boy's mother, who prevented the Boy to continue following us around.
We met the Boy once more during walkies the following days, but Kecil sure has been asking to be brought to her new 'Friend's' place MANY times.

Well, we do hope for new friends. In the meantime, Mama got her post for today.
Thank the Dog for all those!
Here's to more friends around the neighborhood!

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