Monday, September 26, 2011

It's the 200th post!!!

Kecil at zebra cross

The journey to 100th post took 2 years plus. But the 100 post that followed merely spanned 6 months! Mama either gets so much more click-happy (so many pictures!), so much more verbose (so many things to say!) or simply more into blogging.
Well.. whatever the case, I hope you are enjoying the ride anyway. With 200 posts up, we are looking into some changes around here. So... for the regular readers, don't be too surprised. 

New here? Well... you can always check out the evolution of Imoet to see how the blog has evolved so far.

Thank you for following us so far. This Mama sure hope you've enjoyed the ride.
Here's for even better days in the future! Better pictures, and better stories.

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