Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skool & Mama-made

Kecil 2yr old banner

Mama posted this one more than a year ago, just as Kecil was turning two. The pseudo-banner was made partly as part of celebration, and partly because Mama just read that it benefits young children to be introduced early to their own name just so they can recognize it.
At two years old last year, it was WAY too early.
This year, however, with Kecil already starting on the alphabets in Skool... it's just timely.
So... since the banner was in no way permanent, we had to make a brand new one.

Kecil's banner

or two... ahem ...

Mama made Kecil watercolor banner

Well... actually the sketches were made first, since Mama used that to also introduced the alphabets that made Kecil's name. Hence the cat, the tree etc.
I am very happy to report that Kecil did manage to recognize ALL the items despite Mama's less than spectacular drawing skills. Ahem.
The Apple and the Butterfly were from Skool. I did mention that Kecil has started on the alphabets in Skool, right?
Kecil made the choice to put them upstairs instead of the usual wall downstairs.

Currently Mama does not have a nice pic of our usual Skool wall, but as usual, it is still growing. We love that wall. On the other hand, at some other corner of the house, we do have a new 'totem'.

number totem

A number totem, indeed! Kecil went through the numbers before going through the alphabets. I guess her 8 and 9 are kept in Skool, but we have not had the chance to make our own. Mama and Kecil did make one of the numbers that currently made up our Number Totem. Can you guess which one it was?

This Mama is no way near accomplishing homeschooling. Still, it's always fun (and hopefully educational) to do some crafts with the Little One. This Mama does hope that we will still have a lot, many things to do together in future. In the meantime, I think she likes what Mama did so far.

Kecil and her banners

How about you? Have you done any craft lately? This Mama happens to have a box full of stationary and colored papers, however, you can always start with as simple as cereal boxes and crayons. That was all it took (uhmm.. OK, plus string and a stapler) to make Kecil's banner.

We have a hidden outtake somewhere in this post. Check it out! And do comment below to let me know you love it, in addition to your guess for the Number Totem! Looking forward to hear from you!

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