Thursday, September 22, 2011

There are days ...

There are days when dark clouds stayed low in the horizons, and rains threatened
Days when the players' mood were chancy at best: the Dog getting scared witless to brave the rolling (very distant!) thunders, the Kid pouting with tears ready to come down at the slightest whims, or the Mama feeling inordinately sleepy

Days when we ended up just loitering in front of the green patch in front of the house instead of going for the full walk around the complex...

But I guess at least we did make a token of effort
To try to go out, to exercise a bit, catch some sun and let the Dog do her 'stuff'

On a different front, there are also days when Mama does not know the next thing to put up in this space,
When the next photo just seem to be simply a reiteration of yet something else that Mama had already written 1000 times over before,

So, here's also a token of Mama's effort
To keep you posted, to still let you in on a glimpse into our sometimes-very-mundane life (even if there are always exciting days!)
While we live in the hope for a better tomorrow
Oh, yes, there is always tomorrow to make things better

Until then...

Actually Mama lied. There's been quite a few exciting stuff around here, but the camera's been stuck in its box, so ... I guess you'll have to wait till Mama got some pics before sharing all the news. 
That, and also the fact that we are still slowly recovering from bouts of cold from all the changes in weather around here. I guess we can always show you photos of stacks of crumpled tissue paper.
Oh, forgot. Can't do that since the Dog ATE them all. She seems to find the sickly bodyly liquid good to eat. Oh well. Such is life. You'll just have to wait. Until then!

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