Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In the Garden ...

Not far from the house, there is this garden,
Just a stretch of land, on which was planted flowers, beautiful flowers,
That invited so many beautiful creatures to stop and stand in awe,
Butterflies, grasshoppers, dogs, even little Girls.

Of course, Kecil being a little girl, she can't quite resist picking 'some' of the flowers.
Making a bouquet for Mama or Daddy, she made her selection carefully, discarding the unacceptables on the ground in preference for the 'perfect' specimen.

And she so does NOT like to be told to stop.
Even as Mama reminds her that the butterflies would be oh so sad should there be no more flowers for them to eat from...

But Mama, it is for Daddy, is it not?

Ah well, my Little Girl, you know very well how to twist Mama's arm, don't you?
In which case, yes, you can take one more. Just one more!

Maybe tomorrow we'll come back again. In the meantime, let's hope the flowers know enough to propagate themselves.

PS: Blogger now have a slideshow feature for viewing the images of each blog post. The slideshow can be accessed simply by clicking on any image within a blog post. You should try it. In the meantime, Mama is also looking into embedding larger images into the blog post.  Hope you like it!

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