Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kecil & Daddy

With Skool in full swing, both for Kecil and Mama, Kecil is slowly learning the meaning of the different days with the different activities they entail:
Monday to Friday are Kecil's Skool days,
Monday & Thursday are Mama's study days,
Saturday is Mama's Skool and Daddy no office day,
And Sunday is the day when everybody stays home.

I know that there aren't that many Daddy pics around here, even on our Sunday series.
I guess you'll just have to take my word for it, that Kecil does look forward to her Sundays,
with spending time with Daddy, lazy mornings, and even the occasional sun (sunny on Sundays, no?)
She's a real Daddy's girl, even from days when she was younger.

There are often many bad 'press' about daddies in general. There's the 'Clumsy Daddy', the 'Emotionally hung up Daddy', the 'Scary Daddy', the list goes on.
Kids are even known to be wary of their friends' daddies even if they warm up readily to strange mothers.
(Ah yes, Kecil is still wary of her buddies' daddy, including our own next door neighbor! Needless to say, the same thing goes in the other way as well)
Still, I think Kecil has one cool Daddy, and she knows it too!

Here's to more Daddy & Kecil moments like these.

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