Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday ... & Monday

Kecil showing off her Sunday craft

Sunday rolled in last weekend without anything on the cards except for some bad weather. So Kecil settled in at home with Mama and worked on 'things',
which happened to include bathing a certain naughty, smelly dog who sneaked outside for a roll in manure:

slightly wet, grumpy golder retriever

Guilty look you said? Mama would say grumpy, for being bathed after all the effort of making herself smelled 'right'. Hummpphh!
Back to Kecil, Mama did have some ideas after watching some arts and crafts show on TV.
Just using some materials on hand:



And after plenty of painting and wrestling:

Kecil's red cardboard guitar

showing off her red cardboard guitar

It's a bit simple, not to mention VERY red.
But sorry, Kiddo. We only have red paint at home. 
Yea yea, Mama should stop simply eye-ing those paints at the store and start buying them so we can put more colors other than red on our projects.
Still, Kecil was pretty happy, and since she was, Mama was happy too.

Came Monday, one of her favorite song got played on TV, so we already got some action with the guitar:

playing guitar to her favorite song on TV

playing guitar to her favorite song on TV

Being a pilot edition, the 'guitar' is still a little 'buggy',
which is, of course, Mama's code to say that it was broken by Tuesday. Ha!
I guess we still need to work on the construction. 
Ah well, we'll try better material and methods next time, if there is indeed a next time.

Until then!

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