Tuesday, September 6, 2011

pink & healthy

This Mama wonders if perhaps the photo summarizes her feelings 3 years back.
She knew that Kecil was going to be a girl, a pretty healthy one too, from the look of it, but that was really all.
There was no knowing of how the Girl was going to look like, if she would have an easy-going nature, if she was going to inherit any of her parents' quirks, if anything!

Throughout these 3 years, we have found out so many things about this little Girl of ours,
That she has a beautiful, deep dimple that she's just discovering (and got fascinated with)
That she has a loud voice that is always a ready weapon, especially when she's feeling cranky
That she is cheerful, and friendly, and very much attached to her Mama,
That she loves to run and jump and explore and shout and climb all over Daddy
That she is not just exactly what we hope for, but also so much much more....

There are many more years ahead for us to get to know this Little Girl even better
But in the meantime, this Mama will grab this moment to be grateful,
For a lovely, beautiful, tiring, rewarding, roller coaster-y 3 year
With our very own Little Girl ...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kecil!

from Mama & Daddy


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