Saturday, September 17, 2011

This picture...

... is not one that Mama the Photographer wants out from her bag,
With all the ugly, cluttered background, atrocious lighting.... there are so many things which are soo... wrong, that make the picture so... ugly
With the exception of THAT expression.

But for Mama the Mom, THIS is the picture that often happen in real life,
And so this picture is here.
For just as Mama's favorite pic from days long gone,
This picture would someday remind this Mama of these days,
When a certain little girl would bug Mama for making 'chocolate', apparently just so she can eat some butter (no joke!), play with some flour and lick some batter
When certain pair of hands 'helped' Mama out, smelling ingredients and poking batters for taste,
When the kitchen would get oh so dirty despite all Mama's effort to be careful (all thanks to a certain assistant), with sugar everywhere, flour on the floor, and of course, one happy, chocolatey little girl

This is THE picture

Which Mama shares, because it is so precious.

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