Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday in Skool: cupcakes & song

(This Mama was happily writing and pasting photographS when she realized that SO many photographs are unlikely to help the blog's loading time. To help our readers with less than optimal internet connection, the coverage will be divided into parts, with hopefully manageable number of photos each. Thank you for understanding!)

Amidst the chaos that was made of many good friends, fantastic (& very helpful) teachers, candies, cupcakes, and one trigger happy Mama, Kecil celebrated her 3rd birthday in Skool yesterday.
An event that has been wildly anticipated by Kecil, it went pretty much without a glitch despite the last minute preparation.
(Kecil already had 2 friends celebrating their birthday in Skool, and she was pretty hyped with the prospect of her 'turn' to celebrate and blow the candles on the cupcake!)

We brought Mama-made cupcakes (with pink icing, of course), some birthday hats, some spaghetti, loot bags with juice and some sweets.
And Kecil readily took on the very serious responsibility of distributing the hats.
The teachers helped getting the rest of the eating utensils distributed, and the kids organized.

Once everybody was roughly settled (everyone had a place at the table with a plate ready for food), we moved on the the most important event: Birthday song and blowing candle!

After a lot of straggling, confusion and encouragement from the teachers, we actually managed a few rounds of Birthday song, and Kecil did manage to blow the candles without any mishap.
Then it was time to eat!

That's all for now. Stay tune for the next part!

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