Friday, September 30, 2011

when we have no rain...

little girls climbing over the wall
Kecil & Ami climbing the wall at the playground

There was a time not a while back, when we had a stretch of rain-less days,
And Mama kept on getting more and more photos of Kecil going for walkies,
day after day after day,
and Mama was afraid you might get sick of them,

Then came the storms, and it wouldn't stop raining.
So to celebrate the return of sun 
(brief as it is, given the yet another storm in the horizon, scheduled for landfall within 2 days),
we are back to outdoor/walkies photo. Yes?

little girls side by side at the swing
Mama's cute little followers

Despite already being saddled by a happy-to-be-pushed-on-her-tricycle Kiddo, a happy-to-run-away-and-roll-in-the-mud Doggie, not to mention a gigantic DSLR, 
there are still days when Mama is crazy enough to take on yet another little girl for our walkies,
Is it really crazy many to take on solo?
Ah... well... we can always call it a practice for any future siblings for Kecil, if any.
In the meantime, Mama thinks that Kecil's interaction with her friends are definitely a good part of childhood memories that is high on the priority list to be documented.
Especially when it includes a certain cute Doggie. Ahem.

Dog yawning with little girls climbing the slide in the background
The Dog seems to be bored

We might have yet another storm coming this weekend, which means more rains, more days spent at home ....
Hopefully it would also mean more craft sessions, perhaps some indoor stories,
We hope, anyway.
In the mean time, here's wishing you a good weather at your corner of the world!

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