Saturday, October 1, 2011


Kecil and friends collage 1
Friends collage (1)

I am not too sure how true this is for other kids, but for this Mama, Kecil sure has met many friends in her short 3 years.
Some she met here, some she met on her travels.
Some became very good, close friends, some drifted after a while, and yet others become distant memories as they became separated through physical distance.
Nevertheless, Mama hopes that these friends would still be kept in this space,
To bring some smile to those who see them
To bring some beautiful memories
Through the test of time...

Friends collage (2)
Given the uncertainties of future, Kecil would probably make even more friendship with even more people. This Mama hopes so, anyway. After all, there's is always something about having friends in every port of call.
Here's to friendship and beautiful memories.

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