Monday, October 10, 2011

back to the playground

It's been a while since we visited this particular playground. Between the relative distance (it takes at least 15 mins walk to go there), the frequent rains, and the general preferences for walking routes... it's just not the top of our walkie destination
(Not to mention that Mama prefers to avoid the minimart across the playground just so she does not have to deal with whiny Kid begging for candy and what-nots)

Clearly Kecil enjoyed her visit to this playground after so long.
This Mama thinks we should come here more often, just to expand Kecil's motoric abilities even further.

Here's hoping for more good weather and fantastic lighting.
Good weather for us to go out for longer and earlier walkies,
Fantastic lighting for Mama to use to capture this walkies in 'film'. Haha.

Until next time!

Did you notice how this favorite dress of Kecil is getting too small very soon? Yikes! She's growing WAY too fast! Well, at least the shoes are still too big, this particular pair anyway. Can't say the same about the rest of her shoes either. Hmmmm....

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