Sunday, October 9, 2011

Swimming with Daddy

Last week must have been a week of blue moon.
Such a rare happening, we actually had a combination of good weather and Daddy coming home really early, on a weekday!
And since Daddy decided to have a dip at the pool, we three trailed along:

Kecil: to play in the pool with Daddy
Mama: to take pics of her beautiful people in the pool
the Dog: (in her own 'words') I don't want to be left alone in the house!
So off we ALL went to the pool.

As usual, swimming with Kecil involves lots of splashing, jumping, 'fake swimming' and of course, smiles all around
Especially Kecil. She LOVES playing in the pool and would continue playing despite the cold water
Even as she protested that her fingers had shriveled like Opa/Eyang!

You see how Daddy had to 'force' Kecil out of the pool.

It was a delight watching the two of them in water. And as I looked through these pictures again, this Mama is ever so thankful for oh so many things:
  • For Daddy's proximity to work/schedule that allows this kind of moments happening
  • For easy access to the pool nearby
  • For the camera that captured those beautiful pair of eyes, full of delight, full of joy
  • For this blog that give Mama the chance to both capture and share these with you
There are times when we just need to count our blessings. Have you counted yours lately?

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