Thursday, October 20, 2011

yet another playground ...

There are many benefits of having friends who go to different schools:
  • You get to compare your schools, hence widening your horizon
  • You get more friends (like Daddy, who found Mama from a different school, and vice versa. Ahem)
  • and sometimes, you can even get invited to using the other school's facilities, like Kecil the other day.

We do love Kecil's current Skool. Seriously. But at the same time, it is a fact of life that Kecil's current Skool does not (and not likely to have) a playground of the proportion pictured above.
Not that it's a really bad thing, mind you, since Mama does not quite judge a school overall quality merely from the size of its playground.
Besides, Kecil can still go and enjoy this kind of playground in the mall, or via invitation from her friend, right?

And so she did. The lucky girl!
Ami actually invited here to come along to play at her school playground.
And of course, not only Kecil got to play there, I guess she made a new friend as well.
And since Mama got some pics (and a blog post out of it), everybody benefits.
Oh ya, even Ami (who got to play with ALL her friends at the venue of her choice), Ami's friend (same as Ami plus a new friend), and Ami's Mom (adult conversation and back up).

Kecil is obviously enjoying herself.

This Mama hopes that Kecil would still continue in this pattern: making friends with everyone from everywhere. In the meantime, I suppose there is that playground maze to conquer.

How about yourself? Do you go outside your circle to make friends? It can be other school, different department at work, different walk of life, background, anything!
If not yet, you should. You'll be surprised at what you might learn.

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