Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When the sun comes out, the weather cooperates, Kecil & the Dog behaves, and the Mama is eager, it is time to whip out the camera to capture that gorgeous gorgeous light. After all, photography is all about light.

We tried some focusing exercises...

But of course, Kecil is not content with just watching Mama taking pictures.
Oh no! She too, whipped out her 'camera', and started 'practicing', bless her!

Kecil's 'camera' might just be a pretend one, made up of ... yes, you saw that right ... a used SIM card attachment. But hey, this Mama happens to believe that a little imagination goes a long way.
Besides, I believe that you are already quite well acquainted with Kecil's photography, no?
So I guess you are pretty capable of imagining the photograph she would have captured.

In the meantime, we are still hoping for more sun (and more meetings of conducive factors) for more walkies cum photo-ops.
Until then!

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