Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nesat & Nalgae

The Backyard after the Typhoons
It had been an interesting week last week, with two typhoons after the other
In fact, Nesat was definitely the strongest typhoon we had ever encountered in our stay here
With signal 3 alert applied to the city and its vicinity, we all hunkered down in the house (including Daddy!) listening to the wind and watching the storm wreaked its havoc.

There were some grumpy faces, as one realized there will be no school, the other no walkies, another no blogging time, yet other (not pictured) more work to make up for lost days....
But I guess it will be too much out of the usual character not to make the best use of what we got
So we spent some time at home, at times sans electricity, being cheerful as we can, enjoying each others' company.... the likes.

So, we did some creative hair-styling, take some self-photos (yes, Kecil as well!), take some Mama & Kecil photos...

Eat some instant noodles and watch some YouTube (because the cable TV was the first thing that went down as the storm hit, and when the lights started flickering, Mama deemed it more prudent to stick with noodles rather than taking chances with the electric stove and coming up with half-cooked dish)

And since Daddy was home, Kecil took the opportunity to 'get' her own uhmmm... jungle gym?
(Usually it was Mama's privilege to be such. Arr... I guess now I know why parents buy their kids stuff like jungle gym and mini playground equipment for indoor use: to avoid being used as one. Hmm...)

Mama got to take pictures of her beautiful people (yes, they are mine, all mine!!!)

We might not quite like having typhoons at our doorstep too often. But once in a while, I am sure we can deal with. Perhaps with more instant noodle and battery power (for alternative sources of sustenance, light and entertainment).
There is sun outside today, so maybe we'll stop here just so Mama and Kecil can go out to enjoy ourselves before yet another storm. The storm season is not yet over!

Wishing you good weather and fun!

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