Monday, October 24, 2011

scaling new heights

Among the few playgrounds within walking distance to the house, there is this playground right across the minimart,
Which includes a very tall, wavy slide in its array of playground equipment available

Let none of you accuse Mama of cowardice,
but after seeing quite a few aborted slides (including one by Kecil as well),
Mama simply does not think that the slide is worth the climb.
[By aborted, Mama means climbing all the way to the top only to come back down by the same way (ladder) instead of sliding down. I imagine that should any slide was aborted through falling, the consequences is fatal, but I have not heard of any such incident]

Still, apparently one failure is not foiling Kecil's determination to conquer the slide,
And that day, while Mama was busy with the Dog, Kecil just went on to climb the tall tall slide on her own and continued down the slide...

Then she almost gave Mama a heart attack when she stood up half way!

Thankfully she sat down again.

And even more thankfully, after that one single less-than-successful slide, she got distracted by the Dog and we abandoned the slide for other things.
Fiuh! We might try the slide again next time, but perhaps Mama will reserve the next post for the thing that had (most thankfully) distracted Kecil from the slide that day.
Until then!

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