Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Kecil on bike with road debris foreground

debris and gardening equipment at backyard

fallen tree at the playground

We are very lucky to be living in an area with only limited effect/damage after the twin typhoon last week. For one, unlike the nearby local town, being on higher elevation meant that we were not affected by flooding despite the ultra-heavy rainfall during the week.
Still... the neighborhood took in its share of the typhoon's effect and some damages as well.
From the usual debris on the road, outside the house, right on to the fallen tree at the playground.

Mind you, the tree in the playground is merely one of many that fell after the typhoon.
It just happen to be the one nearest to our house. As I said before, we were VERY lucky.

Not too far from the playground, yet another tree was also uprooted, its fallen branches hanging precariously low on the stretched wire.

tree across the staircase

staircase blocked by tree

Umm.. the kids? Oh, I guess they are there to give you a sense of scale.

kids and fallen tree at the staircase

The storm season had been quite bad this year, but the point is that we are fine, we are OK, and we are very lucky. It could have been worse.
In any case, efforts have already been made to deal with various damage.
The staircase hidden by the tree above (you can see the green railings if you look very closely), for example, was already accessible even if most of the tree is still in its awkward position.

We are still not clear of the typhoon season, so we are still hoping for the best.
In the meantime, we are out to enjoy some sun and blue skies today.
And perhaps do some laundry.

How is the weather at your corner of the world these days?

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