Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Trixie and Penny

This is Trixie (being chased by Penny)
Still remember Kecil's short-lived fascination with the uber-tall slide yesterday?
Trixie here was the distraction that pulled Kecil away from the slide.

preparing to throw the ball for Trixie to fetch

Kecil following Trixie

Trixie arrived at the field next to the playground with her 'Momma' around the same time we arrived
While Kecil climbed the slide, Trixie's Mom took off Trixie's leash, took out a tennis ball and started throwing the ball around with Trixie fetching it.
Such a clever dog! And to think that we've tried teaching the Dog the very same trick for years to no avail!

Throwing the ball in front of the audience

Trixie eagerly waiting to fetch

The fetching trick soon attracted the attention of bigger audience, the attraction is all the more potent given the chance to throw the ball for Trixie to fetch.
Even Kecil tried it, and she managed pretty well despite throwing the first few balls right into Trixie's mouth

It was an interesting afternoon, and Mama is even minded to try to train the Dog again.
After all, Kecil should be able to serve as Mama's assistant, right?

Umm.. actually Mama is not too confident on ... both items: the Dog ever learning, and Kecil being an assistant. For one, the Dog prefers to chase Trixie around rather than the ball. For two, Kecil? Being assistant? Yeah, for about the whole of 2 minutes. Then likely she would run off to do her other stuff.
Still, should we really do the Dog training, we'll let you know. Deal? 

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