Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Day

Last Friday, instead of going to school, Kecil and Mama and Daddy(!) spent the morning at the gymnasium, where the Skool organized Family Day for all the students and their parents.
We had some performances (2 dances) from the student body which involved every student (and teachers!), we had some games, a meal and a whole lot of fun.

Of course, for a family day, the whole family had to be decked in the same colors. In this case, we were all wearing the Skool T-shirt, specially made for the occasion.
We umm... forgot to take a group picture, but as you can see, Kecil, Mama and Daddy are all in the same T-shirt, no?

The teachers looked lovely in their pink T's.
And apparently all those toys (presents for the kids should their group win a game) proved too much of a temptation for one little boy.

First up was the student presentation, aka dance.
Most participants are excited, especially the parents, all eager to finally see their kids performing.
Alas, the pressure seems to be too much for some Little Ones.

Kecil? Ahem... I think she was either too bewildered by all the spectators
Maybe she was a bit cranky thanks to the minuscule breakfast she had in the morning.
Well, she was not the only one.

We had a boy who cried, a boy who lied on the floor, a Kecil who wanted to be carried halfway through the song.
On the other side, we also had a little baby girl who outperformed her older fellow students.

Thankfully it did not take more than a bowl of spaghetti to perk the Little One up, after which, she gamely participated in the games, even won a magic wand for her team efforts, and went on to explore the rest of the gym on her own.

Lesson learnt: big breakfast is absolutely necessary before events.

Well, so we learned something, and had a lot of fun doing it. We look forward to the next event. Thank you, Skool for organizing such a great event! Until next time!

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