Friday, October 21, 2011

these yellow boots ...

The Yellow Boots

These yellow boots were sort of passed on from Ami,
Who happened to have two pairs of the same size, one pink and one yellow,
Which then was not worn since it kind of clashed with Ami's pink raincoat,
But was a definite match to Kecil's yellow raincoat.

And so began the story of the yellow boots.

A perfect fit, the boots made many appearances here as Kecil, happy as a punch with her matching raingear, took to conquering the outdoor, well-equipped in a land that has thirsted for a long while for rains.
And so there was that first storm, the following rains, the paper & plastic boat games outside, more outdoor games cum photo-op, and even casual walk on a non-rainy day with the boots, just because she loves her yellow boots so much.

Ah yes, Kecil does love those boots (just as Mama does!),
But Kecil seems to inherit her parents' genes of big feet as well,
And a couple of weeks back, Kecil had started complaining of feet hurt, followed by inability to wear those lovely boots of hers anymore,
And just like that, the boots was no longer a fit. Hhhhh.....

So it was time for new boots, especially in the face of violent storms and rains,
Not that she would go outside during those, mind you! Still... in the interest of being prepared...
Mama and Daddy managed to find Kecil ... a pair of PINK boots with heart pattern!

The Pink Boots

Ha! Aren't they adorable? And Kecil loves them too! (Of course! Mama & Daddy did involve her in the selection process. After all, we wanted to get something at least slightly too big to give her feet some room to grow)

Kecil trying out her new boots

There are, however, two little problems.
One, in a case of pretty bad timing, we only managed to find the boots towards the end of the rainy season. Hmmpph.
So... will there still be rainy days for her to wear it? Not sure.
If there isn't, would the boots still fit her by the time the next rainy season come? Ummm.. not sure either.
Ah well.

Kecil shouting her demands

Problem two?
Ah.. well... you still remember Kecil's raincoat, right?
Yes, exactly. It's YELLOW!
Ahem, so now Kecil is 'waiting' for her pink raincoat with hearts.
She does not demand. She does not ask. She just knows that Mama would get her one.

Ummm... Not so sure about that. Not with the yellow raincoat still a wee too big and in good condition. Sorry, Cil.
Now... why don't we just deal with the rest of your long list of 'wants', instead?

The long list of wants

Ah yes, the long list of 'wants'.
Of course, we'll start with what we need first, then we'll go on to the wants, OK?

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